How a Housing Shortage in Richmond, VA Can Benefit You

Even though important economists like Brian Westbury, chief economist at First Trust Advisors, William C. Wheaton, MIT economist, and William Strauss, senior economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, are all predicting a housing shortage in the upcoming year, there is no need to panic about where to live.

Now is the time to build. Now is the time to build new homes. Now is the time to build new homes in Richmond, VA. This is not only a buyer’s market, but a new home market.

Economists believe that as the economy continues to recover, there will be more demand for houses than are currently available or under construction, which will create a housing shortage. But by working with new home builders in Richmond, VA, like Main Street Homes, you can bypass the housing shortage and enjoy the luxuries of owning a new home.

Buying, building and owning a new home is all about you. When you move into your new home in Richmond, VA you know that it will suit your needs, style and personality. You can design it yourself using  the  award winning design studio from Main Street Homes to personalize every detail of your new home.

New homes are also more energy efficient. Building a new home that saves energy and reduces your carbon footprint means that you, as a home owner, will not spend as much money on energy bills or maintenance. New homes from Main Street Homes are up to 40 percent more efficient than homes built 10 years ago. With both Energy Star and EarthCraft amenities available for your new home, from one of the number one locally owned home builders in Richmond, VA, Main Street Homes, can help you build a green home with both quality and style.

Building a new home in a predicted housing shortage not only gives you relief and assurance, but also confidence in the value of your new home in Richmond, VA. New homes have a longer life expectancy and appreciation rate. As a new home owner, you know that you are the first one to live in your home and that all the appliances are working properly. There are no surprises in owning a new home. There is value in your home design, neighborhood and community. There is value in your smart decision.

Buy a new home now, and as the economy recovers and the housing market picks up, you will know that you made the right decision for you at the right time. There will be no shortage of new home luxuries for you and your family in your new Richmond, VA home.

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