15 Ways to Make Memories Last with a FLIP Camera

Main Street Homes, Richmond’s number one locally owned new homes builder, would like to congratulate Kim Smith, the winner of the Flip camera from the “Capture the Moment” give-away. Main Street Homes would also like to thank everyone who entered the contest. Below is a list of ways to archive memories in your new home in Richmond, VA.

  1. Capture the look on everyone’s face as you move in to your new home in Richmond, VA.
  2. Record the beauty of everyday life from pouring coffee in the morning, to reading the newspaper at your dining table. Life is full of precious moments for you to record.
  3. Catch those priceless moments when your children are smiling and laughing.
  4. Share special family moments with family in the military. Remind your loved one of family at home with a video from your flip camera.
  5. Tape a virtual tour of your new home in Richmond, VA for out of friends and family who live out of town.
  6. Celebrate your new home with a house warming party and capture all those smiles, laughs and good times with your new camera.
  7. Capture life’s special moments like an engagement or surprise party with your new flip camera.
  8. Record holiday celebrations and archive those memories in your new home in Richmond, VA.
  9. Tape your own food show in your new kitchen and share your recipes with friends and family.
  10. Capture all of your pets cutest moments in your new home in Richmond, VA.
  11. Record the beauty of your new backyard. Catch the beauty of the seasons or your kids playing in the backyard with your new camera.
  12. Keep a digital scrapbook of the process of building, designing and living in your new home. Create other digital scrapbooks of important moments in your life, to archive memories in your new home in Richmond, VA.
  13. Send grandma a video of your children playing hockey or baseball. Post your favorite athletic moments videos online for family who could not make it to the game to enjoy .
  14. Record your favorite band or make a music video for your band in your new home in Richmond, VA.
  15. Take your Flip camera with you on vacation and capture all those wonderful moments to remember and archive memories when you come back. 
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