Going Green -New Homes in Richmond, VA

At Main Street Homes, we’re working hard to protect the environment.  We have a team that meets each week to improve efficiency and reduce waste.   This week the team of new home experts implemented cardboard recycling in our Energy Star qualified neighborhood, Westereigh (the new homes in Westerleigh are built to the Energy Star specifications).  We are starting this recycling program in Westerleigh and will roll it out to our other new home communities throughout the Richmond, VA area.   

On each new home in Richmond, VA, we’ll be building the dream home families want and doing our part to conserve the environment.  Environmental Benefits from cardboard recycling include:  Recycling cardboard reduces the demand for new paper from virgin pulp, thereby saving trees and decreasing the amount of pollution generated in new paper production. Cardboard is a bulky waste and recycling it saves significant amounts of space in landfills.

As we do more in or new home neighborhoods in Richmond, VA- we’ll share the changes and updates with you.

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