Decorating a Boy’s Room


One of the most exciting parts of building a new home in Richmond, VA is decorating. Here are a few ideas for designing and decorating a boy’s room in your new home from Main Street Homes.

  1. Liven up a living space is with wallpaper. Pick a fun print of dinosaurs, transportation, boats, cowboys or animals for a fun accent wall in your new home in Richmond, VA. Tie things together with natural wood furniture and color matching accessories.
  2. Keep your color palette simple and fun. Pick a few colors like green, blue, yellow, creams or whites when decorating. White or cream walls will make prints on fabrics or walls and colored accessories stand out.
  3. The furniture in your boy’s room should be functional and practical. White furniture creates the illusion of looking bigger than it really is. Natural wood furniture also looks great against neutral walls and fun boyish prints. Double functioning furniture, like a daybed, trundle bed or bunk bed, also helps optimize the space in your new home in Richmond, VA.
  4. Storage is very important when keeping your boy’s room clean and tidy. Hang a peg rail to hold coats as well as toys or accessories. Neutral colored storage crates or baskets, for under the bed, also look great while optimizing space. Using wall hooks to hold skateboards or guitars is a practical way to de-clutter and optimize space.
  5. Accessories are a great way to add color, style and functionality to your boy’s room. Use accessories like modular mirrors, funky lamps, retro chairs, simple throw pillows and others to bring your design together. You can use your little boy’s toys to accessorize his room as well. Use boats, cars, trains, sports equipment, dinosaurs or other toys as both playthings and accessories for dual fun and function.
  6. Let your little boy personalize his room in your new home in Richmond, VA. Hang up his art. Let him help pick out the colors, wallpaper, or design for the walls. Make designing and decorating fun for both of you. As he grows, help him update his room to his changing styles and tastes.
  7. If you have a very small little boy, remember to keep him safe. Do not place his bed under a window, next to a radiator or under any heavy wall art, mirrors, pictures or shelves. Secure any cords, drawers, windows and heavy free-standing furniture. Use socket covers for any unused outlets.
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