Our Partners in Quality New Homes

We’ve been building new homes in Richmond, VA since 1996.  Since our first house we have worked hard to develop awesome relationships with our Trade Partners so that with each new home we can continue to provide incredible quality.  Building relationships with Trade Partners means that we work with the same people on each new home that we build.  They are familiar with our plans and can better anticipate the needs and desires of our customers.

Recently, we’ve formed a Trade Council.  The Trade Council has been formed to be the voice of dedicated Trade workforce with Main Street Homes.  The Trade Council members have created a Charter Statement as follows:

The entire team of helpful professionals creates a high quality homebuyer experience for Main Street Homes. We continue to learn together, measure and sustain mutually profitable results. We strive to foster a reputation of excellence.

Just another way that Main Street Homes builds quality and style into every home- with the help of our Trade Partners- our partners in quality.

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