Vegetable & Flower Gardening Tips for Keep America Beautiful Month

That’s right. It’s that time again. Spring is here, and so is the perfect time to start your garden.  Many people find it easier to start seedlings inside their Richmond, VA houses, letting them germinate and transplanting them to a flowerbed outside when they have started to sprout. This can be beneficial if the weather hasn’t reached a constant warmth. If you are still experiencing frost at night, this is the best method to get started while the weather starts to stabilize.

Regardless of what kind of garden you want to start, make sure you have an area in your yard that gets at least partial-to-full sun. If you’re starting a vegetable garden to accent your Richmond, VA houses, all of your selections will almost certainly need full sunlight to flourish. It’s a good idea to choose vegetables and herbs that you will utilize and pair well together. For instance, heirloom tomatoes with some freshly shredded basil leaves and mozzarella make for a capresi salad right out of your garden!

For flower beds, these are usually used to add a dimension of aesthetics to your home. You can till a flower bed anywhere, but flowers are commonly placed under windows, around mailboxes, and even around walkways to really enhance your Richmond, VA houses. Finding a color scheme to match the exterior of your home and personal taste can leave you with a yard the neighbors will envy!

It is also recommended that regular compost be kept so you can add mulch or topsoil to your garden as needed. This helps the soil regain nitrogen and phosphorus used by plants, and without proper maintenance, it can be exhausted out of your soil. If your soil is very rocky, sandy, or porous like clay, tilling and lying down at least 4-6 inches of topsoil can help your plants take to your yard. Sprinkling some limestone can also help balance the pH of your soil if you have a problem with acidity.

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