Stop Yellow Pages Delivery

From our friends at Abundance Organizing:

Sara Bereika with Abundance Orgnaizing

So, I’ve been feeling guilty because I continue to receive phone books and have absolutely no use for them. I always intend to call and ask them to stop delivery, but I never get around to it.

Today, I found a website that allows you to opt out of receiving phone books! So here’s how its done… Go to Enter your zip code, right on the home page. You’ll be taken to a list of directories that are available in your area. To the right you’ll see a form to register. You have to register in order to opt out.

Here’s a small tip: once I registered, it automatically brought back the home page. There was no indication of what to do next. However, I got an email (immediately) with a password in it. So I was able to log in to my account. It may have been some fluke. But don’t freak out if you register and aren’t given further instructions, just check your email.

Once you log in you’ll see a listing of the directories you already receive. Simply change the quantity of directories you want to receive to zero. Save your settings and you’re done. I tried to find out how long it would take for the change to take effect but had no luck. So, I’m hoping it takes effect pretty quickly. Yeah, no more guilt!

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