National Bike Safety Month

May is national bike safety month, so we’re kicking it off with some tips to remind drivers and bikers the best way to prevent accidents.

  • Instead of traveling on busier streets, map out alternate routes through neighborhoods, roads with bike lanes,  or Greenways to help you get to where you’re going quickly and safely. When looking for  Richmond, VA homes for sale, make sure your potential neighborhoods have many pedestrian and bike-friendly areas for ease of travel.
  • When biking at night, make sure to wear light-colored reflective gear and make sure your bike is equipped with flashers so cars on the road can see you.
  • Bikers should learn to use hand signals to indicate turns. Give drivers an idea where you are planning to go so they can give you the space to do it safely. Drivers should also learn to look for these signs in order to respond to them properly.
  • If you commute, investing in mirrors for your bike may help you watch for oncoming traffic without compromising your safety while moving forward.
  • When securing your bike via chain and lock or U-lock, make sure you secure the front tire and the frame of your bike to prevent theft.  When not in use, keep your bike in a sheltered area where  it can be protected from the elements.  Rain can often cause rust on well-worn parts, but humidity and temperature can also damage bikes.  Sheds and garages in Richmond, VA homes for sale can add life to your bike.
  • Make sure to keep your bike tuned- make sure the tires are at the appropriate pressure and are not damaged. Keep the wheels trued and the chain well-lubricated. Keeping your bike in good condition can reduce the margin of error help head off many problems during a ride.
  • Bikers should follow the same traffic laws that apply to automobiles, and drivers should treat bikers as if they were vehicles. Many accidents occur because bikers and drivers miscommunicate about right of way.
  • Drivers should make sure to watch for bikers- especially before making a turn. Be sure to check your side mirrors for bikers before making a turn, switching lanes, or opening your car door.  Any of these things can be crippling or even lethal to a biker.
  • Cars can stop and accelerate more quickly than bikers can. Pulling out in front of them can be devastating- don’t do it.
  • When passing a biker on a street with only one lane in either direction, be sure to slow down and keep a distance from the biker. When passing a biker on a two lane street, stay in the other lane and do not attempt to ride in the same lane as the biker. Richmond, VA homes for sale  make for easy-paced suburban rides.
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