New – vs – Used

When looking for a new home in Richmond, VA you have a choice between buying new and buying used. We all love the new, shiny, and unused but why?  Here are our top 8 reasons why new homes are the better choice:

1.   Your Choice, Your Style.

Avocado Green was their favorite color and shag was their favorite carpet texture– but that doesn’t mean it’s yours.  When buying a used home, you’re moving into a home that reflects someone else’s sense of style and taste.  But when you buy a Main Street home you can personalize every part of your new home in our national award-winning Design Studio.   The day you move in you—your friends and family will see you in a home that suits you and reflects your unique style and taste.

2.   No Surprises.

When you purchase someone else’s home, you may find someone else’s problems.  A new Main Street home will not require the upkeep that an older home will require.

3.   Green.

Over the past 10 years building codes and building materials have been modified and improved.  Today’s new homes are up to 40% more efficient than your average 10 year old home.  Which means that you’ll be leaving a smaller carbon footprint and paying lower energy bills.

4.   Appreciation.

Most new homes have a longer life expectancy than existing homes, giving them a longer period of time to appreciate in value.

5.   New.

This may seem a little bit redundant, but everything in a new home is new.  You’ll be the first person to bake a birthday cake in your oven, the first person to enjoy a sunset on your new deck, the first person to walk barefoot across your carpet, the first person to enjoy your new jetted tub! There are many more firsts for you in a new home, and you get to enjoy them all.

6.   Lifespan.

Every appliance and fixture has a “lifespan.”   You’ll move into your new home knowing that you’re starting at the beginning of the lifespan.  You’re at year 1 with your home and all of it’s many components.

7.   Timing.

Main Street Homes has homes available at a variety of different stages in the construction process, giving Customers a choice in their closing time frame.

8.   Reassurance and Longevity.

Your new Main Street Home comes with a guarantee and Customer Service that is on your side before during and after the sale! In addition, you’re purchasing a home from Richmond’s number one local builder.  Since 1996 we’ve delivered over 1,300 homes to families throughout Richmond.

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