Home Aquarium Tips for National Aquarium Month

Setting up a new aquarium in your new Houses Richmond, Virginia. Here are some tips that can help the new addition to your household go as swimmingly as possible. First things first- shop around and get a good idea of the kind of fish you’d like in your aquarium, make sure their temperaments will not cause problems if you are mixing species, and be sure to pick out an appropriately sized tank. It is essential you do not buy the fish the same day you set up the aquarium. The filters need to run a few cycles before they can successfully balance the oxygen in the water. 

For most aquariums, you will need to add a pH water treatment that neutralizes chlorine and fluoride added to city tap water, and for salt water fish, you will need to add the appropriate titration of salt to your water. Fish are cold blooded and extremely sensitive to extreme changes in temperature- you will want to leave the water sitting for a day so that it may reach room temperature and do not put your fish into shock.

After your Houses Richmond, Virginia have had time to adjust to your new aquarium, it’s best to clean them every 3 to 4 weeks. Pour out 25% of your tank for your fish, and empty out the rest of the water and scrub your tank. Make sure you do not use soap or any chemical that was not meant for use with your aquarium- not only can the residue harm your fish, but also the aquarium. You may need a gravel vacuum for cleaning the bottom of your tank. When refilling your tank, it’s better to use cooler water than hotter water- water has a very high specific heat, and it takes longer for water to cool down than it takes to heat up.

Choose decorations that match those in your Houses Richmond, Virginia and turn your aquarium project into a work of art. Decorations for your tank can of course be one of the most fun parts of your fish tank. Many fish enjoy having caves and objects to hide or sleep in to mimic their natural habitats, but there’s no reason you can’t have fun with it.

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