Glorious Stay-cation Ideas

So, why do we vacation?  For most of us it’s a chance to relax, recharge our batteries and enjoy time with the ones we love.  So, why is it that so many families pack up their mini-vans and drive out of town to relax on the freeway as they fight their way to destination? Your Richmond, VA home builder designed a beautiful house – there’s a reason you live there. So, this summer, what about a relaxing stay-cation in your new home in Richmond, VA?  Here are a few ideas that can help you unwind  and treat your home like a haven:

Get ready for game night! Pull out a pack of cards, classic board games, non-so-classic board games, and make a night of it!

Hire a maid. Get out of the house, hire a maid, and  let someone else do the cleaning and prepare to come back to a clean home so you can enjoy your home without getting bogged down in the time and energy it takes to do it yourself. (This a stay-cation favorite for obvious reasons.)

Pack a picnic and enjoy a day outside. Set aside some travel-sized portions of some of your favorite dishes and enjoy them out at your community’s park or great backyard. Try bringing some lemonade and a kite, or a bottle of wine and some poetry. 

Strawberry fields forever. Summer is the perfect time to go picking fresh fruit. Make your way to a local farm or orchard and grab a bushel or two of choice strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, or peaches. Find a few pie or dessert recipes for a sweet finish, or make it a la mode!

Go camping…in your backyard! Instead of driving off to the woods or mountains, gather your friends and family around and set up a tent, sleeping bag, and grab the marshmallows!  “Roughing it” never looked so good!

Get cultured. Get a taste of your town and tour local science, history, and art museums, or spend the day at the nearest aquarium or zoo.

Go geocaching. With the help of a GPS, pick out a handful of coordinates to “treasures” around your city. Spend the afternoon finding geocaches, and be sure to bring a pen to mark your find. Some geocaches are full of prizes you can take if you replace them with a treasure of your own!

Throw a party. Be it a theme, costume, or cocktail party, have some friends over for a night of fun and shenanigans.  Your Richmond, VA home builder installed that wet bar and swanky studio lights for a reason. Really, there’s no excuse not to live it up.

So, this summer, skip the packing, skip the traffic and enjoy time with the ones you love in the new home you love.

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