Tell your story through your decor tips

More and more, it seems people just don’t want one thing out of their Richmond, VA new homes anymore. The interior design of the present calls for a stability between common sense, aesthetics, and functionality. Your home should be able to provide you and showcase your identity. People want their homes to make a declaration about who they are without maiming their ability to take pleasure in their space. Design has no pre-arranged style. It ought to be built to suit every individual’s tastes and needs so you can take pleasure in your space with family and friends- the way it was intended. The movement for more socially conscious materials and styles are notably more popular with younger consumers.

It’s not a descent from decadence so much as a wish for environmental efficiency and household priorities. People want smaller and more usable Richmond, VA new homes, so planning wall space for technology like T.V. screens, media, art, and windows are indispensable in creating a comfortable and versatile space. With the added space saved by equipment, many opt to add bookshelves or extra seating in their living rooms or media rooms, adding a touch of personality and purposeful capacity to entertain. 

Once you commit to a particular era or method (such as Antique, Modern, or Victorian), it becomes much more difficult to stylishly mix and match décor in your Richmond, VA new homes. Consistency works best when attempting to reconstruct a timed look. For the finest results, select adaptable designs that fall somewhere between chic and practical- they make your home feel lavish and serene, but they are also meant to be used with wear and tear in mind. Your home should embody your individuality and your needs, or else, what’s the point?

We’re opening a new model home in Aston in August.  Although the home won’t reflect your personal style, you may be able to glean ideas from you see and love to use in your own home.  We have focused on creating a calm retreat.  The home sits atop a mild rise on 10 acres.  The backyard already has beautiful trees that can be appreciated from the kitchen island, nook and great room.  Given this beautiful, calm, natural setting we decided to bring those same feelings into our interior design.  You’ll love the wall colors, natural tile and overall look and feel.  Be sure to stop by to see for yourself.

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