Kitchen Design Trends

When you ask someone what the most vital room in the home is, odds are, they’ll tell you it’s the kitchen. With the amount of time a person spends preparing and eating meals with their families and friends, it’s no question. Having a smart, attractive kitchen can make a house feel like a home. Here are some of the best kitchen design trends for your new home for sale in Richmond.

In your kitchen, going with a chic tile pattern or solid hardwood flooring can really affect what other design choices you can make without clashing. Luckily, Main Street Homes has a wide variety of flooring choices, colors, and styles that can ultimately help you renovate or plan the rest of your kitchen. Solid hardwood flooring certainly offers stylishness and a durability many other floorings only wish they had. Not only is it thicker and more durable than many other types of floorings, but it also assists in soundproofing and insulating your home. It can also be stripped and refinished several times for matching décor. The stain and finish can also be replicated for cabinets and other wooden fixtures around the home. Matching or accenting moldings and crowns can help you complete a custom stylized look to stock cabinets. Installing them around the face of the cabinets or around corners can soften the look of your cabinets

More sophisticated appliances can also add aesthetics, efficiency and value to your new homes for sale in Richmond. Stainless steel-plated appliances are in for their ability to match any style or color scheme, repel bacteria with a slight ion charge painted surfaces simply can’t offer. Appliances are generally valued on energy efficiency, quietness, and designer features. Smooth top stoves actually conceal their heating elements beneath a sheet of glass, making clean-up much easier. Convection ovens have a fan built in to better circulate air and cook food faster. Dual-fuel ranges can feature the power of a gas cook top with an electric one. Refrigerators offer multi-zone temperature control and varying storage space, as well as a built in filtered water and ice dispenser.

Studio or pendulum lighting in your kitchen can transform the room from commonplace to stylish very easily. Putting in the right lighting can not only give you ample light when preparing food, but also sharing a meal or a cocktail with friends. Lights, should, of course, be aimed at your main workstations in the kitchen, like an island or bar, kitchen sink, and range. Whatever you’ve got in store for your kitchen, there are many different ways to upgrade the style and functionality to suite your needs! Stop by our Design Studio today for more upgrades and options available.

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