Halloween Parties and Tips

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year and incidentally one of the best theme party opportunities all year round. It’s doubtful any home builder in Richmond made a truly haunted house, so clearly a make-shift will have to do. Not to worry. There’s no one right way to celebrate Halloween, but there are many bountiful options to show off your beautiful home and celebrate Halloween in your home this year:

1) Have a costume party. Costume parties are easily one of the best creative outlets you can have as a child or adult. Challenge your friends and family to bring out their creepiest, kookiest, and most clever costume ideas. Offer a prize to the best costume- or even make different categories ranging from the funniest costume to the scariest.

2) Mystery theater, anyone? For a classier Halloween soiree, have your friends over for cocktails and assign roles for a murder mystery. Everyone can draw a straw or a role, and the group must figure out who done it. If you’d like, you can up the anti and have your killer “knock off” a player every round they don’t figure it out. Especially if you have a large swanky home, courtesy of a home builder in Richmond, do your friends a favor and host.

3) Even if your friends aren’t the sort to dress up, Autumn is fun. Have your friends over for a pumpkin carving contest and roast pumpkin seeds. At the very least, you get to leave with your jack-o-lantern all ready for the siege of this year’s trick-or-treaters.

4) Make a haunted house. Wether you want to collaborate with your neighbors or just your kids, some cardboard and paint can go a long way. Even if you’re no home builder in Richmond, create tunnels for trick-or-treaters to climb through with boxes, or dress up your house so not even your closest friends can recognize it. Spooky.

5) Nothing makes a Halloween party feel authentic quite like enthusiasm. Or food. Be sure to set up your Halloween decorations and make Halloween themed cupcakes, or even punch. Fill a rubber glove with red punch and freeze it, and set your new delicious severed hand free in a bowl of punch.

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