Organizing your Holiday Schedule

The holidays will come and go and regardless of your best efforts and good intentions. Without an organized your schedule, you will be overcommitted and under-satisfied. Pull out your calendar now and make that the peaceful, family-centric holiday of your dreams, a reality.

First, take time to schedule the task you typically don’t think about until it’s too late. Have a designated time to get things done; we all know time melts away like snow during the holidays!

The Family Photo  If you plan to mail cards or just want to have a family portrait made, now is the time to get on the photographer’s schedule and make sure your cards get out on time.

HVAC & Fireplace Inspections You don’t want your marshmallow roasting interrupted by a clogged fireplace. Schedule your winter inspections early to keep unwanted delays from popping up unexpectedly.

Carpet Cleaning & Such  Make sure everything is in its place before holiday guests arrive. Find some inspiration by touring Richmond houses for sale. Get on the books to have your carpets cleaned, pull out the magic eraser & touch-up your walls and turn on the automatic oven cleaner.

Winterize Your Car  Heading “over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house?” Take your vehicle in for a tune-up before you wind up on the side of the road.

Next, be proactive in ensuring this holiday season is full of exactly what you’re looking for and not bogged down with obligations you could do without.

Get a Game Plan Take time over dinner to ask everyone what they’re looking forward to. Are there events or parties with specific dates and times? Write them down. Other things may be favorite foods, seeing Christmas lights, or just building a snowman together. Once you know what everyone looks forward to most, you can create a holiday schedule that makes the family happy and nothing important gets left out.

Mark Your Calendar Now you have a few events to add to your calendar as well as some important ideas to consider. Make a date for those ideas as well. When will you go see Christmas Lights? What day will you devote to playing outside and building a snowman? What night can you set aside for baking holiday favorites? If you’re taking advantage of time off to look at Richmond houses for sale, mark that on your calendar too. Assigning a date to your important events helps you plan exactly how much time is left when new ideas or invitations arise.

Evaluate and Celebrate Now that you have an organized calendar, put it where you will see it. Leave one on the fridge, by the phone or at your desk. When you get a new invitation or a movie premiers at the theater just glance at your calendar and decide when and if your family can add something new without feeling overcommitted. If your calendar is full, it’s easier to politely decline due to prior commitments, even if it’s just baking cookies with your kids.

If you are looking at Richmond houses for sale, be sure to schedule time to take your visiting family to see the homes you’re considering. They’ll love being a part of your big decision and together you can imagine spending next Christmas in your new home.

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