New Years Eve Party Tips

As we round out 2011, New Year’s Eve parties will abound throughout homes in Richmond, VA on December 31st. Make sure your party is one that will keep guests entertained until midnight by using some of these helpful party tips.

Make the Most of Music
Prepare your music ahead of time by creating a New Year’s Eve playlist on your iPod. You can choose songs beginning with more laid back music and building to more fast-paced beats as the night goes on or choose your favorite party tune and let your “genius” choose more similar titles from your library.

Rent a karaoke machine and volunteer to go first. Everyone will join in and have a blast as long as someone else experiences the embarrassment first! You don’t need a lot of space, small corners in the basements or living rooms of homes in Richmond, VA will become infamous stages this New Year’s Eve.

Serve Traditional New Year’s Food with Flare
Eating Black Eyed Peas on New Year’s to ensure a prosperous and safe future is a southern tradition so why not incorporate it by serving Southern Caviar. It’s a dip recipe served with tortillas that makes a great appetizer. Try this recipe from

In hopes of a bountiful new year, the tradition is to include pork on the menu. Serve BBQ Sliders by making crock-pot pork barbeque and serving it on dinner or sweet rolls. It’s inexpensive and makes a great cocktail dish as it is small enough to hold on a napkin and eat with your hands.

Incorporate Fun Traditions
The Red Envelope game is a spin on a Chinese New Year tradition. Fill red envelopes with chocolates, candies, small trinkets or toys and have one envelope with an actual cash prize. Place the envelopes on the wall 5×5 or 6×6 and give each person a chance to choose one, pin the tail on the donkey style, until each person has an envelope.

In Latin American countries they believe eating 12 grapes at midnight will ensure good luck for each month of the coming year. This year, hosts at their homes in Richmond, VA should consider leaving the bubbly to a punch bowl and passing out champagne flutes filled with red seedless grapes for everyone!

Having money in your pocket at midnight is supposed to bring good fortune and wealth in the coming year. When the countdown begins, pass around a bowl of change or roll of coins to make sure everyone has money in their pocket.

We at Main Street Homes wish you a safe and happy New Year. Visit us online to view our available homes in Richmond, VA.

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