Energy Saving Tips for Winter Months

Now that we are heading into the crisp, cool days the next few months will bring us it’s a great time to think about ways to save money in your Richmond new home during the winter.

Start with a few free tips that can cut your energy cost:

Turn down your thermostat to 68 degrees. You’ll save up to 5 percent for every degree you lower in the 60 – 70 degree range.  If your system has multiple zones, you can alternate lowering the living space and bedroom space during the day and night to keep most comfortable where you’re spending your time.

Let the light in by opening the shades and curtains during the day. On bright days the sun can help heat your Richmond new home with a solar effect! When the clouds roll in or it starts to get dark, remember to close them back to help keep the heat in.

Rearrange your furniture to make sure vents are exposed. Blocked vents can drastically reduce your heating system’s efficiency. Also look for long drapes that are in the way of heat flow or vents that are directly above a window. You can purchase magnetic air deflectors to redirect airflow.

Lowering the water heater temperature by 10 degrees could reduce your water heating cost by 5%. Check your temperature and be sure it is set to 120 degrees. This should be sufficient for hot showers, laundry and dishes.  Actually, washing your clothes with the cold-water setting reduces your washer’s energy use by 75%!

Here are a few other low-investment ideas that will also help save energy and money:

Upgrade to a programmable thermostat and set your temperature lower for periods when no one is at home and in the evenings when everyone will be tucked cozily into bed! Then set it higher for first thing in the morning and when you will arrive back home so your Richmond new home will be warm and welcoming.

Change your filter monthly during high usage periods. Your system will be less efficient if forcing air through dusty clogged filters.

Insulate your water heater with wrap that can be found at most hardware stores. This can save you an estimated 4-9% of your annual water heating costs.

If you are living in a Richmond new home by Main Street Homes you are ahead of the game. Today’s new homes are up to 40% more efficient than your average 10 year old home which means you are already leaving a smaller carbon footprint and paying lower energy bills. If you’re not in a Main Street Home, contact us today to learn more and tour our available homes.

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