Gadgets that will Help Keep Your New Home Clean

What better way to accessorize your Main Street home then with gadgets that will help you keep your home new and clean! Here are some innovative tools that can help around the house and make your work a little easier.

1. Floors: Perhaps the most common cleaning gadget is the robotic vacuum. It was introduced some 10 years ago and chances are you’ve seen one in action. The iRobot Roomba 780, with a touch screen and indicators that give you control at your fingertips, is a popular choice. This is a great gadget to help keep your new home in Chesterfield, VA clean. It offers room-to-room navigation, scheduling, debris sensing and more!

2. Pet Care: Automatic litter cleaners truly make cats the champion of pets now; no walks necessary and you don’t even have to clean up after them. Litter Maid offers an automatic litter box that measures litter levels, removes small particles, activates ionic air cleaner by motion sensors, has carbon filters to reduce odor and even has a paw-cleaning ramp. The modern, sleek design takes up no more space than your basic litter box.

3. Cell Phone: Cleaning with ultraviolet lights and wands is in use with water and air filters, industrial cleaning, carpet cleaners and more. Now you can bring this technology to your home desk with the VioLight UV cell phone sanitizer. It eliminates 99% of germs and bacteria from the device that goes EVERWHERE you go. It takes less than 5 minutes and even includes an accessory box for things like your headphones and mp3 players.

4. Shower: You want to keep your new home in Chesterfield, VA clean but do you really have to scrub the tub? No. Not anymore! Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner keeps your tub clean for up to 30 days between cleanings. The 360 degree sprayer covers all 4 walls and the tub attacking soap scum, mold and mildew stains. All you have to do is touch the button and walk away!

5. Laundry: LG’s innovative SteamWashers are more than just a high technology gadget, it’s a tool you’ll use everyday. If anyone in your new home in Chesterfield, VA has allergies this washer will certainly come in handy since it has been certified as asthma and allergy friendly. Its unique TrueSteam technology reduces common allergens (and wrinkles) while operating 115% more efficiently than the federal standard energy ratings.

We hope these tools will come in handy around your new home. If you haven’t selected a new home, visit Main Street Homes online where we have our own tools to help make that process easier too!

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