Create a Great Outdoor Living Space at your New Home

Extending your home’s usable square footage by creating a practical outdoor living space is a growing trend among homeowners. Not only are you increasing your living area of your new home in Richmond, your adding functionality to your yard. These few tips from Main Street Homes will ensure you create both a practical and functional space to enjoy outside.

The first step to creating a great outdoor living space is thinking about how you will use the area. Be practical, think of it as moving the indoors outdoors. Create a new dining room, living room, play room, or reading nook in your backyard!

If you need space outdoors for gatherings, children playing, and relaxation segment your space just like inside. Alter your levels and materials to distinguish spaces. Mulch, stone, grass, wood or even rugs can provide flooring. Hedges, lattice screens or shrubs act as walls and provide privacy. Pergolas, awnings, trees and even umbrellas can be used as ceilings or just to add shade.

Include furniture to define your space. Outdoor furniture can be expensive. Choose to keep it simple and accessorize! A Classic picnic table is great for outdoor dining at your new home in Richmond, add two together and there will be room for everyone. Create any look on these timeless pieces by adding candles, small fire bowls, tablecloths and centerpieces. Look for rustic, used outdoor chairs that can be easily painted and updated by adding cushions, throws and pillows for comfort and flare.

Fire and light are perhaps the biggest players to finishing an outdoor space. Fire pits come in every shape and size today or you can create your own in the ground with brick or stone. The fire will add warmth, help keep bugs away and be perfect for roasting marshmallows! Solar powered lights are inexpensive and require no professional installation. Bug repellant candles or oil for tikis are other great options for lighting up the outdoor rooms of your new home in Richmond.

Last but not least, include all the essentials! Make room for the grill, colorful potted flowers, and outdoor games. Frisbees, water guns, volleyball and bocce ball are all great, inexpensive toys to store outside and have on hand when entertaining both kids and adults.

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