Prepping Your New Home for Spring and Summer

Spring is just days away from full bloom and homeowners are taking steps now to ensure they get the most out of their Richmond new homes in the coming months. The wonderful thing about being in a brand new Main Street Home is the lack of need for major repairs and updates to weather the season. You can focus on a few small tasks and incorporating new trends then get outside and enjoy the sun!

Exterior: The winter months can be harsh on the exterior of your home so do a quick check from the ground for any cracked or missing shingles and have those replaced. Clean your gutters and make sure downspouts are aligned and draining away from your foundation. Inspect doors and windows to add caulking as needed and make sure all weather stripping is still in place. A fresh coat of paint to your front door will brighten up the entrance and inspire you to sweep away the cobwebs!

Landscaping: Now is time to add spring color to Richmond new homes! Potted plants and flowering herb gardens are an excellent way to brighten up your porch and deck. Make your maintenance plan now whether you will be doing it yourself or hiring out the service. Make sure everything is lined up and any needed tools are acquired. For award-winning curb appeal keep the lawn edged, cut and watered regularly, hedges trimmed, and flowerbeds weeded.

Interior: Spring is a great time to perform your routine maintenance like changing filters, checking your dryer vent, dusting ceiling fans and testing your emergency systems such as smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Make sure the HVAC is in proper working order. If you haven’t peaked in your attic all winter, take a look to make sure all insulation is in place and add as needed to help keep the heat out of your home below.

Spring Trends: Finally, welcome Spring and Summer inside your home by freshening the look with a few new trends! Neutral creamy white and beige backgrounds with pops of bright, jewel-toned colors, metallics and shades of tangerine are popular. Adding painted rosettes and sculptural mirrors to accent your walls is an easy trend to try and can be a little DIY project for owners of Richmond new homes looking to tap into their creative side!

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