Maximize the storage space at your new home

Whether you moved into your new home in Richmond, VA one room at a time or in a hasty weekend, chances are there are still a few boxes hiding in the garage and stray items looking for their own nook or cranny. Maximizing the storage space in your home will help you settle in and feel organized in no time. Here are a few ideas to get your creativity off to a good start.

1. Closets and cabinets are the most obvious places for storage. Determine what you need to store inside first, then be creative to find an organizing system that suits your needs! For instance, over-the-door shoe-bags make a great organizers for household cleaners and toiletries without taking up shelf space you can use for linens.

2. Under-the-stairs closets have a ton of space but are sometimes hard to get in and out of once you’ve packed them full. Try a rollaway storage unit complete with labeled baskets. You can easily roll it all the way out to reach whatever you need. Keep items used more often like toys, tools, or blankets near the front where you can grab them without rolling out the shelf.

3. There’s bound to be that one cabinet corner in the kitchen that you just can’t reach. Use this for items you seldom need or install a pullout shelving system that can be found at most hardware stores. If your new home in Richmond, VA doesn’t already have tip-out trays under your kitchen sink, make it an evening project. They make an excellent hiding place for bottle openers, scouring pads and bottle brushes.

4. If you’ve only dreamed of parking two cars in the garage then make it a reality! You can find DIY overhead storage projects online that turn 2×4’s and 33-gallon tubs into quite the stow-away zone. Investing in a shelving system for your garage is worth it. Get your stuff off the ground, away from the moisture and out of your cars’ parking space!

5. Finally, keep your home clutter-free! You probably collected quite a pile of items that you no longer use and would look better in a yard sale than hanging in the foyer. Why hold on to them any longer? Moving into your new home in Richmond, VA is the perfect time to start fresh!

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