Must have grill accessories for your new home

It’s definitely that time of year when you open your back door and smell the aroma of grills fired-up throughout the neighborhood. Make the most out of the grilling season by adding these must have accessories to your new home in Richmond, VA.

Flexible Skewers – These are the new must-have accessories if you love to grill. Make a loop with the skewer to easily keep meat and veggies on board while you’re grilling. The loop also makes it simple to flip when you’re ready to grill the other side. Make your skewers ahead of time and marinade individually in zip lock bags.

Meat Thermometer – A thermometer comes in handy when you’re grilling for guests at your new home in Richmond, VA but also makes it easy to be sure you eating meat at the recommended temperatures for safety and optimum taste. Measure in the thickest part of the meat and be sure to wait 30 – 45 seconds to get an accurate read. Here’s a guide to follow:

Rare                120° – 125°
Medium-rare 130° – 135°
Medium          140° – 145°
Medium-well  150° – 155°
Well done       160° and above
Rare                135°
Medium-rare 140° – 150°
Medium          160°
Well done       165° and above
Chicken           165° – 175°
Turkey            165° – 175°
Pork               150°

Tongs – Possibly the most useful grilling utensil, tongs allow you to handle meat without piercing and safely grip burgers and dogs without pushing them along the grate or dropping. Tongs made specifically for grilling are best as they will be longer handled and tolerate the higher temperatures.

A Veggie Basket – Grilling vegetables is a favorite and they are not always for kabobs. Sliced red pepper, pineapple rings, onion, squash and zucchini are just a few tasty treats that can come off the heat of the grill but often times they fall through the cracks or stick to the grate. The vegetable basket makes it easy cook up your favorites chunked and sliced to your preference!

Grill Brush – The difference between amateur and experienced grilling is knowing when to clean your grill. When grilling at your new home in Richmond, VA be sure to use your brush while the grill is still hot. This is the optimum time to remove cooked on food. Don’t wait until you’re ready to fire up again to clean off the leftovers!

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