Garage Organizing Ideas

For most, the garage in their new home in Chesterfield, VA is the go-to space for seasonal items, sports equipment, and tools.  If you want room to park your car while taking advantage of the storage space, below are a few garage organizing ideas from Main Street Homes to help you get started.

Organizing items by category in your garage is a simple idea that will have big impact. Whether you’re storing items in bins, shelves or overhead, knowing where to look will save time finding items and putting them away. Categories like sports, toys, tools, lawn care and household supplies are a good place to start. Separate your items by category so you can see exactly what type and size organizing solution you need.

Utilize your wall space as much as possible. This ensures more room to park your cars and have workspace at your new home in Chesterfield, VA when you need it. S-hooks, J-hooks and L-hooks attached to the wall are excellent for storing bikes and skis. An easy solution for lawn tool storage is attaching a 2×4 to the wall and adding hooks. Drill a hole through the handle of each tool, attach a leather or twine strap and hang.

A traditional pegboard can easily display and store most of your small tools. It’s also a great place to store other household or craft items that you want to have quick, easy access to. Use small buckets you can hang by their handles to organize everything from scissors and tape to batteries and wood glue.  You can even mount larger pails to the pegboard sideways to double for hose storage and laying your nozzles inside.

For items that can’t hang from the wall, adjustable shelving is the best solution. You can adjust the shelf height to meet your current needs and change it later. Some particular items such as oil, gas and cleaning supplies may need to be out of reach or even in a locked cabinet if you have children. Take this into consideration as you choose your garage shelving system or unit at your new home in Chesterfield, VA.

Trash bins and 5 gallon buckets (preferably with lids) make great storage containers for bird seed, potting soil, dog food, salt, fertilizer, even sports balls. Of course most of these items could also be stored in sturdy canvas bags attached to the wall. Place a cup inside for easy scooping!

Use these ideas to get the most out of your garage space and easily keep things organized. If you’re still looking for your new home in Chesterfield, VA, Main Street Homes invites you to contact us to learn more. Tour our homes and see the ample storage space and extra room that comes along with finished basements and two to three car garages!

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