Travel tips for summer vacations

The heat is on and so is vacation season! Don’t come home this year in need of a second vacation just to recoup. Use the tips below to plan for a relaxing, stress free summer vacation. When you return, let Main Street Homes help you find a permanent spot in one of our new homes in Tarrington!

1. Have flexible travel dates: Independence Day is coming fast and Labor Day shortly after. Look for availability just before or after those dates. You can often save a great deal by traveling just a few days off the holiday, especially if you are willing to abandon the weekend warriors and stay through the week!

2. Planes, trains, OR automobiles: Summer airfare is expensive. Don’t forget about trains as a viable option for travel, especially if you have kids. Getting there could be as much fun as the destination!  Also look for drivable destinations. If you live in one of our new homes in Tarrington, try a weekend close-by at The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, a mid-week stay at The Tides Inn in Irvington or Keswick Hall in Keswick.

3. Book a Caribbean summer: Since summer is hurricane season in the Caribbean you’ll see prices get competitive at all-inclusive vacations and beach resorts. You may want to snag that travel insurance but you could wind up with a dream vacation for a much better bargain.

4. Late summer steals: If you’re spending the summer settling into one of our new homes in Tarrington, August or early September may be the ideal time for you! You’ll find dramatic price reductions, less heat, and fewer lines later in the season. Popular family destinations reach out to those who can still make the dates to fill up their end-of-the-season calendar. Restaurants and attractions may also offer discounts and deals during that time. A little research and planning could get you a lot more bang for your buck!

5. Pack Smart: Finally, this will help you enjoy the trip and keep things simple. The best smart-packing tips include packing for half your stay, buying souvenirs you can wear home, bringing snacks like granola bars and dried fruit to keep you from binging on the poolside fries or giving up on the wait at the 5-Star restaurant you want to try! Plus you’ll want to add bug spray, pain medicine, Pepto-Bismol and aloe vera to your first aid kit so you won’t be tracking a pharmacy in the middle of the night.

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