Dream decks for your new home

‘My dream deck’ sounds like a pin board title you would find on Pinterest but where you really want to find it is in the back yard of our wooded one-acre home sites featuring new homes in Turner Forest! With the long, enjoyable days of summer upon us, grilling season at its peak and the kids home on summer vacation the perfect deck could offer perfect entertainment or even perfect peace!

If you have natural shade in your backyard a small deck with a long table could become the perfect picnic spot or outdoor dining room. Throw a plastic tablecloth on top (and maybe underneath) to create the ideal craft space for the kids. Free standing decks not attached to your house but rather next to the pool, sand box, or swing set, are also great for lounge chairs and reading!

If you have a view to enjoy like some new homes in Turner Forest, consider that when planning your deck. If it’s low enough, you won’t need railing that can interrupt your view when sitting. You could also create a multilevel deck or one with long, wide stairs to reduce the need for railing if your deck is a little higher. If railing is needed and there’s no way around it, tempered glass between gently curved posts is an ideal solution.

Considering your deck an additional “room” to your house may help give you a few ideas. Consider lighting, comfort and décor when designing the space. A covered deck provides protection from the elements while still enjoying the fresh air. With ceiling fans and cushioned seating, a covered deck may become your favorite napping spot. Include a built in entertainment center and it may become your favorite room of the house!

Create the atmosphere you want for your deck! Giant built-in planter boxes to hold larger, mature trees or shrubs along with a water feature such as a trickling fountain or small deck pond offer a serene setting. Take advantage of the large lots new homes in Turner Forest are on to install a custom swimming pool and create a summer haven. Let smaller multilevel sun decks offer different spots for grilling, entertaining and sun bathing. A built-in fireplace or even multiple fire pots situated throughout the space can add light, ambiance and function to your deck as well making it ideal for evening gatherings and enjoyment well into the cooler weather.

Before you can add your dream deck you need your dream home! If you’re not already living in a Main Street home, contact us today and tell us about your ideas. We would love to match your needs to one of our many custom new homes in Turner Forest.

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