Swimming pool safety tips

If you live in a community with large lots, Like Turner Forest, you might be considering installing a private pool. With a new home in Turner Forest, many homeowners elect to install private pools. Swimming pools and spas have long provided entertainment and relaxation for all ages. Whether you are maintaining a pool in your backyard or taking advantage of a neighborhood or other public facility, following as many safety tips as possible will make sure you and your children are safe!

A few basic tips you should follow include practicing supervision with children of all ages and capabilities, teaching them swim and float, installing & securing barriers, avoiding entrapment and knowing life-saving skills like CPR. Below are more tips and ways you can be sure to follow these basic steps.

Practice Supervision
Children should never be left unattended. It may be tempting to send kids out ahead of you or leave them snacking while you hurry to the restroom but it only takes 2 – 3 minutes for someone to lose consciousness once submerged. You should also avoid taking phone calls and getting involved in conversations that will take your attention away from watching your children. Do keep a phone close by for emergencies! First time visitors to pools near new homes in Turner Forest should be able to locate the pool’s entry/exits, deep and shallow areas as well as safety equipment.

Have Appropriate Equipment
Pools need at least a four-foot tall barrier with self-closing and self-latching gates. If it is an above ground pool, ladders should be removed and secured when pool is not in use. It’s a great idea for private pools at new homes in Turner Forest to install alarms on the doors and windows leading out to the pool as well as pool alarms that alert when someone has entered the water. Life rings and reaching poles should always be readily available and in good repair.

Avoid Entrapments
An important precaution is making sure all grates, drains and suction outlets are working properly and not broken or missing covers. Long hair, jewelry and bathing suits can become entangled in broken or faulty drain covers. Arms, legs and fingers (especially children’s) can be lodged in suction openings and any body part that can cover a drain could be held down by suction. Be sure you and your children take precaution by not playing near drains and openings, report any missing or broken covers and do not enter a pool or spa until those items have been repaired.

Pool safety ensures an enjoyable summer for everyone and you will never be sorry you took an extra step or two to ensure the safe play of your family!

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