Modern Design Tips

Our new homes in Richmond VA are designed with you in mind! With built-in curb appeal, affordable luxuries and elegant function Main Street Homes offer the perfect canvas for your personal design and décor ideas. If you are looking for a modern touch in your home, below are a few design tips to follow.

Keep in mind your goal for a modern space is a clean, stream-line setting that creates space for living and saves room for those special pieces that express your personal flair. You’re not creating a cold, empty space but you do want to begin by eliminating clutter. Hide your clutter with boxes and baskets either neatly displayed or behind cabinet doors.

Another key to modern design is avoiding collections strewn throughout your room. Instead, group like items or small collections together in one place. They’ll have more impact and be seen as more of a design element when placed together on one wall or shelf.

Color has as much impact on the modern designs of new homes in Richmond VA as do the accents and furniture. Rich, bold colors paired with neutral, warm tones allow you to decide where the focus in the room will be. If you prefer a boldly patterned chair with brightly colored accents you’ll want to go with neutral walls and flooring to let the furniture make the high-impact punch you’re looking for.

Texture is a large part of modern design. Think layers when decorating! If your bed starts with soft sateen sheets in a solid color, top them with a crisp cotton duvet in a bold pattern or a dramatic texture like pin-tucked pleats. Finish it off with a wooly knitted blanket or throw. The same goes with furniture, pillows, lampshades and throws in your family room. Mix textures and materials whiles staying within the same color palette to create visual interest and an inviting sitting area.

Mirrors are an easy way to bring modern design into new homes in Richmond VA. Large standing mirrors leaning against a wall, small framed mirrors grouped in a hallway, even larger mirrors in varying shapes and mismatched frames can open a smaller space and create dramatic effect in larger areas. Mirrored surfaces like coffee and side tables as well as lamp bases and candle stands are also a part of this modern trend.

Main Street Homes is eager to show you our new homes in Richmond VA and help you find the perfect space to unpack your modern taste and create a home you’ll be proud of. Contact us today to learn more and reserve a tour of our model homes.

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