Front Door Decor Tips (fun designs and ideas)

Your front door is the first hello guests receive when they visit your home! Why not make it the first conversation starter as well! Below are a few tips to help you create a front door that stands out among new homes in Richmond VA.

Custom Glass

A custom glass design in your front door is a safe and unique idea to make the first impression you’re looking for. You can commission a custom design for stained or etched glass, with or without wrought iron detail. A favored destination like a beach with rolling waves or a family symbol such as an oak tree or crest make beautiful customized designs to enhance the curb appeal of new homes in Richmond VA.

Handles, Knobs and Hinges

Make a statement with an accent that will undoubtedly be a part of your door anyway. You can find vintage or ornamental hardware in many antique stores not to mention replicas in home good stores. This is an excellent way to add finesse to an otherwise conservative or plain wood door.

Door Knocker

Something you may not find on many front doors of new homes in Richmond VA, doorknockers can add character and whimsy to your entrance. Choose a design that reflects your family’s style and personality; from classical ornate bronze to surreal modern art, let your front door make a real statement.

Burlap and Yarn

It’s amazing what a little fabric can do to your front door! The great thing about the DIY movement is that you can find instructions, from novice to expert, for virtually any idea you have. Create custom pieces like wreaths and flowers that match your existing paint, shudders and foliage. Of course you can always find seasonal designs in the store or get that crafty look delivered by shopping!

Empty Frames

Everyone has a few unused picture frames around the house. Frames make great bases for fun front door decorations! You can easily adhere flowers, buttons and wooden crafts to the frame. Suspend monogram letters or small wreaths in the center of the frame. Get easy inspiration from and see what a perfect splash the simple frame will make to front doors of new homes in Richmond VA.

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