Preparing your new home for back to school

Summer is quickly coming to an end and routines will surely change for our children. No more late nights and sleeping in, no more playing until dark and never ending slumber parties. Here are a few ideas to help ease your child’s transition by preparing newhomesinDinwiddieVA for back to school.

1. Create a drop-off zone. Backpacks, coats, lunchboxes and shoes will inevitably end up at the door where your kids come in and out. Organize a space so your children know where to drop things off as well as where to pick things up on their way out the door! A simple hall tree or mounted hooks may work. If you have a few kids, a system with hooks and shelves may work better. You can also label baskets to keep it easy and portable!

2. Designate a homework spot. Depending on your child’s age, they may need a quiet space with privacy like the separate dining room or living room found in newhomesinDinwiddieVA. If they’re younger and you’ll be helping, the kitchen table or home office may be better. Either way be sure supplies are handy such as pens, paper, pencil sharpener and internet access and let other family members know the area is designated for homework during a certain time.

3. Decorate a craft/calendar wall. Finding a central location in newhomesinDinwiddieVA where everyone can see messages, bulletins, and prized school work is important. A calendar can help mom and dad keep up with games, practices and events while a message board is great for last minute reminders and notes. Be sure to include a special brag-board where kids can display artwork and assignments they want to show off!

4. Make a self-serve shelf. Take advantage of the spacious kitchen or pantry in newhomesinDinwiddieVA by designating a cabinet or shelf for the kids. Let them know they can help themselves to those snacks and drinks after school. You may also want to include a few breakfast choices for mornings when everyone is running behind! They’ll like the freedom of choosing and helping themselves. Of course you want to be sure it is full of healthy choices!

5. Include fun! Even for the youngest kids, school can be stressful. Your child’s bedroom, the bonus room or perhaps the finished basement space in newhomesinDinwiddieVA should be a safe, secure place where your kids can relax, unwind and enjoy! Be sure there are games, movies and craft supplies available to encourage your kids and their friends to have fun at home!

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