Create Drama with Drapes

If you’re looking for a sure way to bring drama and luxury to new homes in Dinwiddie VA, start with the drapes. Custom window treatments have always been a coveted feature of homeowners. Below are a few ways you can create the look and feel you’ve always wanted in your new home.

Luxe Fabric
Drapery that makes a statement begins with luxurious fabric like silk or velvet. Their textures capture and reflect light and in rich, bold colors they pull you into the room. Your lavish taste will be rewarded when you see how elegantly these fabrics drape and flow from your windows.

Floor to Ceiling
Hanging your drapes high and wide will add to the opulence of your window treatments. Depending on the size of the windows and rooms in new homes in Dinwiddie VA, you can determine the perfect height. Hanging curtains above the molding and trim creates an elusive line between your wall and ceiling adding to the bold statement your drapery will make.

Between Rooms
Create a real sensation by hanging elaborate drapery from an entryway between rooms or from the ceiling to divide a space. Use a track hanging system or ceiling hooks to suspend drapes. Remember your curtains will be visible from both sides so choose coordinating drapes and sheers or a two-sided damask print.

Go for Volume
Designers agree you need 1 ½ times the standard panel on either side of your window to craft a rich, luxurious look. Not only is it key to use plenty of fabric, consider layering different textures, patterns and materials. Start with a sheer fabric in a solid color with or without a subtle pattern. Top with a luxe velvet or silk drape that hangs full but gathers compactly when tied back. Finish with an ornate damask tied back slightly farther and higher than the middle layer.

Sensationally Simple
It doesn’t have to be ornate and heavy to make a sensational splash in new homes in Dinwiddie VA. For a minimalist style seeking luxury choose simple, ripple-fold drapes with a detailed hem hung from floor to ceiling or layer neutral colored sheer fabrics to keep it light and airy. Add a delicate trim on the inside edge of basic drapes for a luxurious custom design without the elaborate frills.

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