Fun Halloween party ideas

Turn a gathering into a festive Halloween party with a few creative snacks and games. Here are some ideas to get the monster bash at your new home in Richmond VA in full swing!

Sneaky Snacks

  1. Roll, cut and shape refrigerated breadstick dough into fingers. Use a butter knife to indent lines for knuckles. Bake according to package. Use a little cream cheese to attach an almond slice on the end to look like a fingernail. Serve with “bloody” marinara dipping sauce.
  2. Marinate mozzarella cheese balls in an herb infused olive oil or vinaigrette. Top each ball with an olive slice for a platter of peering eyeballs!
  3. Turn cupcakes into spooky desserts with an easy icing trick! Ice the cupcake white then pipe chocolate icing in a spiral. Use a toothpick to make 6 or 8 lines through the spiral and voila, spider web!
  4. Blood thirsty? Carefully pipe red gel icing around the rim of clear plastic cups or glasses letting it drip down the inside. Fill with any beverage but a clear or green drink looks best!

Along with the treats there must be some tricks hidden in your new home in Richmond VA:

  1. Hide a “spooky sounds” soundtrack in your guest bathroom.
  2. Place a fake hand or head on top of the trashcan or back of the pantry door.
  3. Fill your lamps with black light bulbs and use glow in the dark decals to decorate your walls
  4. Hang a scary mask in your bathroom that guest will see just as they turn the light on.

And finally, no Halloween party is complete without games. Here are a couple of our favorite ideas:

1. Monster Mash – Divide your party into 3 or 4 teams. Provide some supplies like yarn, newspapers, tape and face paint kits (the cheap ones you can find only at Halloween!). You can also assign guest to bring supplies from home like toilet paper, old t-shirts, etc. Challenge the teams to dress one person as a “monster” and give them 10 – 15 minutes to complete the task. The party host chooses a winner.

2. Human Skeleton – Cut out skeleton pieces from cardboard ahead of time. Choose a couple volunteers to be the skeleton and a few volunteers to blindfold. The blindfolded guests have to pin (tape) skeleton pieces onto the volunteers. Be sure to cut out obvious parts like hands, feet, heart, face, ribs, etc. Volunteers are sure to get lots of help from shouting onlookers. Make it a race and watch as the hilarity ensues

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