Weekend Decorating Projects

Get out your paintbrush and hammer; it’s time for a little DIY weekend decorating! Here are a few low-cost, high-impact ideas to add a personal touch in your new home in Richmond.

1. Wall Stencil
Brighten your breakfast nook or add character to a bedroom by painting a pattern on one wall. Stenciling just one wall is much less time consuming than panting an entire room and will likely take less than a gallon of paint. Choose a color that is one or two shades lighter than the existing wall color for a soft contrast.

2. Gallery Shelf
Looking for a way to add character to an empty wall? Gather your favorite framed photos, a few simple accessories and a floating shelf.  Create a gallery in your new home in Richmond by layering your pictures along the shelf. Don’t worry if your frames are mismatched; varied heights, sizes and styles will add dimension. For a more cohesive look, spray paint your frames a single color.

3. Decorative Windows
If you have a window or glass door you’re reluctant to cover because you enjoy the natural light, adding a window film is quick and easy. Decorative window films are readily available and affordable. They come in etched glass patterns from lace to leaf designs, stained glass and many other textured styles. The film is self-adhesive, can be cut easily to fit your glass, adds a simple decorative element and provides needed privacy without blocking light.

4. Kid’s Art
Make a decorative statement with your children’s artwork by giving it prime placement in your new home in Richmond. Purchase a few embellished frames in a gallery-classic gold or bronze color and hang them in a hall or entryway. The bright colors and whimsical work of your children will add a fun touch while the frames help blend the art with other décor. Give your kids the task of choosing the pieces to frame!

5. Create a Bench
For the novice weekend warrior, this project may require a little more concentration. Salvage a few chairs from a thrift store or flea market. If the seats are missing, no problem, you’re removing them anyway to create a bench! With a few hand tools and a wood plank you’ll have a custom piece perfect for your foyer, morning room or just about anywhere. See complete instructions at this link.

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