Holiday travel tips

We are weeks away from the year’s busiest travel season and it’s time to get busy if you’ll be leaving your new home in Richmond VA for the holidays. Watch for flash sales from airlines, special promotions from hotels and deals from rental car companies. Sign-up online for email updates and like facebook pages of services you’re likely to use while traveling to get the offers in your inbox rather than spend hours a day looking for deals.

Planning to travel last minute isn’t a bad idea. Traveling the day of a holiday is often cheaper and less crowded than the few days before or after. It could be nice waking up Christmas morning or having New Year’s brunch at your new home in Richmond VA before heading out to celebrate with others. You’ll also find over and over that choosing flights midweek, early in the day or late at night can save money as well.

Another way you may be able to save money and muscle when trudging through the airport is by shipping gifts. You’ll avoid the high cost of checking extra or oversized luggage and take up less room in line! Even if you’re traveling by car, shipping gifts will help you pack light and travel more comfortably. Shop online with retailers that offer free shipping or pack those flat rate boxes full. You can even order the USPS boxes online, print your mailing labels and have the boxes picked up at yournew home in Richmond VA without standing in those long post office lines.

Being airport savvy can save time and stress so plan ahead and expect delays. Arrive at least 2 hours early giving yourself plenty of time to move through long lines and traffic jams without adding headache and stress to your holiday. Secure seat assignments and check-in online to insure your family sits together, especially if you’re traveling with children. Pack snacks, necessary medication and fully charged electronic devices to keep everyone comfortable.

Enjoy the holiday season wherever you are and look forward to getting back to your own bed at your new home in Richmond VA after the festivities!

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