Choosing the perfect headboard

iStock_000005119738XSmallThere is nothing quite like curling up in the bed for the first time in your new home in Richmond VA; admiring the fresh paint, plush carpet, gorgeous trim detail and then realizing your old furniture doesn’t make the cut! You can revitalize your existing bed by choosing the perfect headboard. A lovely shape, plush material or fun pattern can finish off the ideal bedroom.

For a sleek, modern style look for wood headboards boasting geometric cutouts or solid squares. Depending on your paint and accent colors any shade from dark espresso to winter white will look sharp. You can also create this look by hanging floating cube shelves above your bed. Mix other geometric shapes by placing oval frames and miniature spherical vases on the shelves for décor.

If you prefer a softer, more romantic style for the headboard in your new home in Richmond VA, try an upholstered or tufted piece. These are very popular and can be found in a variety of materials and patterns. You can easily keep a traditional feel to your plush fabric headboard by choosing one with a wood trim or nail head outline.

If you love your bed but you want that dramatic “ahh” when you walk in the room, try painting the wall behind your bed. Get creative and use the paint to really accent your bed. Try a large square of a soft shade that already exists in your décor like blue or lavender. Then, trim it with a thin line of white or ecru. Next, add a bit thicker line of a deeper hue, maybe one or two shades up on the paint swatch, to frame it out. The wall itself makes a dramatic statement without altering your furniture!

Other popular headboards include using a curtain rod above your bed to hang a tapestry or create a picture window, repurposing wood from old palettes or doors and using decals or stencils for a sleek design.

Got other decorating projects going on for the holidays in your new home in Richmond VA? Let your bedroom try on some bold color, whimsical patterns or a soft upholstered look by draping a curtain, sheet or tapestry over your current headboard. It may serve perfectly as a seasonal change or you may decide to make it permanent and upgrade your toss-over to something more sophisticated when you have time.

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