Organize the Technology In Your Home

iStock_000016369855XSmallEager to buy new technology but worried you’re running low on outlet space? Have a fabulous big screen TV but an eyesore of wires coming from every direction? Are there more cords than counter space in your kitchen? We’ve got a few tricks and gadgets to get your new home in Richmond organized.

For your home office, bundle all those cords dangling at your legs into one, streamlined enclosure. A cable zipper is a plastic sleeve that gathers multiple wires coming from your desk to the floor and then closes to neatly bundle them together.

If you’re using a traditional power strip for bulky chargers and plugs, you know how frustrating it is to cover multiple outlets with just one device. Your strip may have 5 outlets but only three components can fit because of their awkward shape or size. A flexible outlet adapter solves that problem. Each outlet has its own short arm so no more overlapping!

Your kitchen is full of amenities like granite counters and beautiful cabinetry but your small appliances may be taking center stage in your new home in Richmond. Use a multiple-outlet adapter to keep several appliances in one small place instead of spread out across your counter.

If your entertainment center is the technology hub like it is in most homes, you’ve unplugged the wireless router one too many times trying to find the DVR.  There’s an app for that! Well, not actually but there are colored cable ID’s. You can use these, or just colored electrical tape, to tag the top and bottom of each cord. This way, you can easily spot the right component in the web of wires.

Maybe the most amazing gadget for cord control is the cord organizer. This spool-like gadget pops closed into a disc once you’ve wrapped excess cord around it. Then, you can neatly sit it on your desk or the floor without worrying about getting tangled up in the mess. Try it on your blinds as well to keep the extra length out of reach from children.

If you’re big on technology, you’ll love the affordable luxuries, functional design, and convenient upgrades Main Street Homes offers when choosing your new home in Richmond. Visit us online to choose your neighborhood or view floor plans.

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