Kitchen Recycling Solutions

12378863_sThe real trick to recycling? Keeping it convenient. Everyone wants to do his or her part in reducing waste. But let’s face it; finding the extra space and extra time to keep up with recycling can fall short on the priority list in a busy family. The trick is finding a simple solution to separate your rubbish!

A multi-bin recycle container is an easy solution if you have the floor space to keep one handy. The kitchen, laundry room or garage in your new home in Chesterfield VA are ideal places to park a small, step-on bin. You can find two or three bin organizers from brands like Simple Human. The step-on feature makes it hands free. The removable plastic liners make it easy to transfer to your outdoor recycling container. The stainless steel exterior has a sleek, clean look. The price for one of these handy cans may leave you with sticker-shock but keep an eye out for discounted products on or in bargain department stores.

Another great solution for kitchen recycling for new homes in Chesterfield VA is slide-out bins in your cupboard. The big box home improvement stores sale easy-to-install systems that hold one or two standard size trashcans. Depending on the size of your cabinet space, choose the one that will give you the most room to separate waste. Install these track system solutions inside your cabinets for hidden, easy access! Other than being out of sight, these slide-out cans use regular trash bags or you can line them with paper grocery bags if you’re collecting small items like cans or paper. You can also drop recyclables directly in the bins then pull them out to dump into your larger outdoor container when full.

Stackable recycle bins are also handy if you find your collecting a pretty fair share between curbside pickup. You can find stackable tubs from brands like Rubbermaid in the store or bins created with recycling in mind from sites like Multi-colored bins can help keep separating easy and if they have closing flaps it will help hold in odor.

Find a solution that works for your family and your space and you’ll be on your way to reducing waste at your new home in Chesterfield VA!

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