Toasty and Tasteful Inside your New Richmond VA Home

9633572_sGray skies and icy temperatures are enough to keep us tucked-in a little longer every morning. But this winter you can warm-up the space inside your new home in Richmond VA and forget about the cold outside. Here are a few tips to keep things toasty while adding style!

Painting is always a go-to for changing the mood of a room. Try a warm spice tone like Cinnamon or Tandoori from Benjamin Moore. Or liven things up with one of Pantone’s color of the year choices like Lemon Zest or Tender Shoots. Remember a little goes a long way in color. Paint just the interior of a bookshelf or the exposed part of floating shelves. Paint just one accent wall or a side table. You can get maximum impact without repainting an entire room!

If spending the weekend with painter’s tape is not your idea of fun, hit the home goods store! A few essential accessories can keep things quite balmy inside your new home in Richmond VA all winter. A plush new rug in vibrant shades is perfect for naps in front of the fire. Chunky cable knit throws, luxe faux fur blankets, and bright patterned pillows will make any room a cozy space to cuddle.

While you’re there, look for new window treatments to help keep out the cold this winter—literally and figuratively. Hanging a new layer to your existing draperies will add warmth and charm. If you have sheers and drapes now, try a solid color layer in the middle. If you only have blinds, add a bright thin curtain just for the cold months. It’s an easy way to add color, still let the natural light through and help create the cozy, inviting space you want this winter!

Take a good look around and think about other items you can easily swap out between seasons. Replace the fruit bowl in your kitchen with a bright, lacquered tray holding an assortment of tea and cocoa. Switch your lampshades to rich amber colors or hues of red – the light will feel and look warmer.

Changing small things in your new home in Richmond VA like your decorative vases, center pieces, and photo frames will give you a chance to add trendy touches all year long and create the seasonal moods you want.

For more decorating ideas can be found at our new model home in Collington.

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