Cleaning Tips from the Cupboard

Father reading to childrenWhen grease oozes in the oven and oil soaks the garage floor, you’ll be glad you have these common household products on hand. They’ll help keep your new home in Chesterfield VA pristine!

Table salt – It does more than flavor dinner, it can help clean up the mess! Sprinkle salt on spills in the oven to help soak up the liquid. Once the oven is cool, just wipe it out! When those slotted spoons get more on your wooden table top than in your plate, use salt to absorb the drips. Wait about an hour before dusting away the salt and clean as usual. And if your artificial centerpiece is looking a little dull, drop the flowers inside a paper bag, sprinkle with salt and give a good shake. The salt magically removes the dust!

Toothpaste – You hope it does a good job fighting stains, why not really put it to the test? A dab of toothpaste goes a long way when worked onto the soleplate of your steam iron. It lifts mineral deposits and sticky residue leaving you with a like-new surface! It’s also great for keeping the shine on those faucets and fixtures in your new home in Chesterfield VA. Use it to polish piano keys and tarnished silverware as well. Squeeze on a dollop, smear on with a cotton swab or cloth then wipe off residue and buff.

Essential Oils – If you don’t already keep these on hand, you will now! Essential oils leave a fresh scent and some are even natural killers of bacteria and mold. Orange oil is great at removing sticky stuff like gum from your clothes. Apply with a cotton ball and launder as usual. Lavender and Lemongrass oil are known for repelling flies! Mix about 10 drops with 2 ounces of water and wipe clean your windows. Keep a little extra on hand to spray inside your window seals!

Baking Soda – Another great scouring agent like salt but it also absorbs odor. Using the slightly stronger, Washing Soda can really do the trick! Use generously on oil spills or grease spots in your garage, add water to form a paste and leave it overnight. Scrub with a brush the next morning and hose down. Keeps your garage floor as clean as the rest of your new home in Chesterfield VA! It’s perfect for scrubbing those hard to clean grilling tools as well. Just soak for a few minutes before scrubbing with a hard bristle brush.

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