Hardwood vs. Carpet vs. Tile: Choosing the Right Floor in Your New Home

17512306_sDo you want plush, resilient fibers catching your steps or a sleek, spotless surface absorbing your stride? There is so much to consider when choosing floors for your new home in Chesterfield VA: cost, aesthetics, maintenance, and durability. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is close your eyes and imagine what you want to experience as you walk across the floor.

To help make the decision easier, we’ve compiled a few key benefits of the more popular choices.


  1. Solid and engineered wood floors can be refinished at least once or twice.
  2. Wood floors add lasting value to your home.
  3. Spills, pet hair, and debris can be completely removed reducing allergens.
  4. Area rugs on wood floors can change the entire look of a room.
  5. Wood is a sustainable, renewable, and natural material.


  1. Top-quality carpet will last 10-15 years.
  2. Carpet is affordable and generally quick to install.
  3. Carpet naturally insulates – It is warmer, quieter, and cushions your fall!
  4. You can choose practically any color or pattern to make a design impact.
  5. Carpet hides dirt and suggested cleaning is just once a week with a vacuum.


  1. Ceramic tile is practically impervious to water damage.
  2. Perfect for high traffic areas because of its stain and wear resistance.
  3. Naturally cooler in the summer and underfoot heating is a popular feature to add!
  4. Easier and less expensive to repair than carpet or wood floors.
  5. Cleaning is a breeze with no special solution or tools needed.

You will more than likely choose a combination of flooring throughout your home. Deciding on which is best for certain rooms may be the trick! Tile is ideal for bathrooms and laundry areas since water damage isn’t a concern whereas carpet is a great choice for bedrooms and family rooms because of its natural insulation. It’s hard to argue with the luster of walking into a home and immediately seeing shining hardwoods, which makes it a popular choice for entries, hallways and dining rooms.

With so many choices, you may want to enlist the help of our Design Consultants. You’ll meet with them when visiting our Design Studio to make the final selections for your new home in Chesterfield VA. From premium hardwoods to luxurious carpets and designer tile, our selections provide the perfect finish to your new home.

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