Organize Your Design Project With Pinterest

iStock_000015801518XSmallOne of the grand things about moving into a brand new home in Richmond VA is starting from a clean slate! Your floors, fixtures, appliances, and paint are all new. And since there are no major tasks ahead of you, you’re free to focus on design and décor!

You can find ideas and inspiration for every room in your home on Pinterest. From the latest color schemes and interior trends to DIY projects galore, it can be a little overwhelming. Use these tips to keep your design projects focused and organized.

Start Broad Create a board where you can pin images you’re attracted to. Don’t limit yourself; if you like it, pin it! After you’ve collected a few images, you should start to see a general theme, style, or color palette emerge.

Define Your Space You may have a clear idea for your bedroom but you’re still uncertain about how to create a functional play space for the kids or accessorize your family room. Separate boards for each design project will keep you organized and help develop themes as you find pictures that characterize what you want!

Track Your Source You will visit site, upon site, upon site, looking for the perfect rug! Don’t forget to include the URL when you pin something you love. The last thing you want to do when it’s time to put a project into action is start your search over. Pin the source! Install the Pinterest Pin It bookmarklet in your toolbar or look for the Pin It button when you find something to save.

Make Notes It’s surprising how quickly you’ll forget what element in which photo was the perfect idea for where! Make notes when you pin it to keep your thoughts organized like “perfect art for over the coach” or “love this lamp for the office”. A blurb here or there will help you remember what you were thinking when you found the image.

Edit, Delete Pin Don’t get overwhelmed! There’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to decorating your new home in Richmond VA. As you collect more images of the things you want to include, you may be able to rule out previous pins. Simply go to your board, click on the image, edit, and delete pin. Keeping your boards clean will help you find your favorite ideas when it’s time to make decisions!

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