Quick Delivery Homes Great Alternative to Used Homes

iStock_000006637619XSmallWant a new home but don’t have time to wait? Problem solved! Main Street Homes anticipates your situation. We know many of today’s buyers are waiting to finalize plans on a new home until their current home is sold or rented, which can leave you with just a few weeks to move! We also welcome the many families relocating to our bustling community and understand temporary housing and multiple moves are not convenient for anyone. That’s we offer quick delivery homes in Richmond VA!

Quick delivery homes are an excellent alternative to used homes. We begin by choosing are most sought-after, flexible home designs. Then, build them on prime home sites in our Richmond area neighborhoods. Finally, our professional Design Consultants make selections to create the perfect finish. Now you can choose a brand new home without the wait!

Here are just a few reasons these homes are a better choice than an older, used home.

It’s Ready Purchasing a used home can mean waiting on the current owners to move out then waiting to see what they leave behind! Even if the home is empty, you’re going to invest time scrubbing, cleaning, and steaming to feel good about moving in. When you purchase a quick delivery home in Richmond VA it will be move-in ready. No one else’s mess to clean-up, fresh paint, shiny floors, and new appliances all waiting to be used for the first time!

It’s Safe You don’t have to worry about assuming someone else’s existing problems. Your new Main Street Home comes with a guarantee and customer service that will exceed your expectations before, during and after your home purchase. Our new homes are built according to the most recent codes with top quality materials. Compared to a home just ten years older, your new home will be up to 40% more efficient. This adds up to less expense for you and certainly less surprises!

It’s Personal Many quick delivery homes in Richmond VA are just a few steps away from being complete! That means you still have the chance to personalize the home at our Design Studio. Choose finishing touches like flooring and countertops to make the home your own. Why settle for what someone else chose 10 years ago when you can get exactly what you want today?

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