Tips on Selling your Home in Richmond

9088648_mAre you looking for ways to stand out among the homes for sale in Richmond? Many people fall in love with the idea of building a brand new home that’s been designed to suit them perfectly, but have to sell their old home before they can begin the process. Here are some tips to help the sale go quickly.

Outdoor Living – Everyone knows how important it is to stage the interior of your home. But one of today’s top trends in home improvement is outdoor living space. Whether it’s a simple front porch or an elaborate back patio, stage a vignette to inspire the possibilities of extending your home’s square footage to the outdoors.

Bring In the Light – A bright, clean space makes a good first impression. Clean your windows, take down heavy drapery, change light bulbs and replace dingy lampshades. You may also want to consider additional table or floor lamps in rooms without overhead lighting. Accent lights in places like your bathrooms and hallways also create ambiance. Before a showing, turn on lights, open your blinds, and pull back the sheers. Let as much natural light in as possible.

Empty Your Closets – When closets are full, it sends a message that the home lacks storage space. On the other hand, when closets are neatly organized and half-empty, buyers see ample room to unpack their own belongings. Storage space is a commodity everyone is looking for and can never find enough of!

Tour de Jour – Your Real Estate listing will include photos but people are hooked on behind the scenes, real time information. Use social networks and your hundreds (maybe thousands) of connections to your advantage! With smart phone apps like Vine or Instagram you can capture quick videos of your home for sale in Richmond and post them online instantly. Get creative and point out features, décor, and updates or improvements in the works!

To sell your home as quickly as possible it’s essential to choose a good Realtor, do your homework when it comes to pricing, minimize your personal belongings on display and clean, clean, clean! Walk through your home as mindfully as you’re looking at new homes for yourself and you’re sure to have it move-in ready!

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