How to Organize Your Utility Closet In Your New Home

msh houseIf you’re taking charge of chores, start at the source! Organize your utility closet to keep grab-n-go supplies on hand for everyday messes and routine cleaning. Here are 5 simple steps to organizing your arsenal!

  1. Take inventory. Decide what you need to keep your new home in Chesterfield tidy. From sweepers and sprays to light bulbs and batteries; what exactly will go in this space? This will help you determine the type of containers, amount of floor space, and additional gadgets needed to give everything a home!
  2. Go vertical. More than likely your space is an extra coat closet or corner in the pantry. Go floor to ceiling with your plan! Make room to roll your vacuum or solid floor cleaner right in without having to maneuver items with each deploy. Hang an extra shelf up high for backup or bulk items you won’t use everyday and consider free-standing drawers if you have extra floor space.
  3. Hang it. If there is a rod you want to utilize, a few S-hooks create instant organization for your brooms, dustpans, handled buckets, extension cords and even shopping bags. They slide easily from side to side and require zero power tools to install!
  4. Make space. Use the sides of your closet to create more surface area for storage. Consider adding corner shelves for a little added space.  Wall-mounted organizers, small pegboards, mesh baskets, and individual hooks are all just the right size for installing on the sides of your utility closet.
  5. Contain it. Keep a caddy at eye level on a shelf with supplies you use throughout your new home in Chesterfield like bathroom cleaners, furniture polish, and window cleaner. Use hanging shoe storage to hold other spray bottles, sponges, gloves, and wipes. A collapsible sweater organizer provides multiple cubbies for paper goods, cleaning cloths, and refill packages.

You’ll be so inspired by your organized space you’ll jump right in to cleaning! Before you get carried away, add a cleaning calendar to the inside of your door. Assign each day a different weekly task instead of trying to do it all at once! Follow these tips to get your supplies organized and cleaning won’t be such a chore.

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