15866991_mSpring is right around the corner and you may be thinking of ways to enhance the walls inside one of the new homes in Moseley. Here are several color options you may want to consider.

Hooray for Hollywood!

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? A classic palette of black, like black walls, can give your room a bit of excitement.  Throw in white and navy blue accents and you have given your room a touch of old Hollywood style. If black walls are too dramatic for you, try white walls with black furniture for a more classic look.

Let The Sunshine In

When you think yellow, you think happy. Yellow can usher in cheerfulness and energy. Soft pastel yellows can look like they belong in a nursery while using bold shades like canary yellow can be overwhelming in large doses.  When using a bold yellow it is best to use this color as an accent. To bring the sunshine in, use throw pillows, flowers, or home décor accent pieces.

White Hot

Painting your trim white, inside one of the new homes in Moseley, will make warm hues look fresh or cool hues brighter. It will also highlight your architecture. Using a bold color like a spring bud green as an accent wall surrounded by white walls will really make your accent wall pop! Steer away from painting a room completely white, without colored accents the room can feel stark and sterile. Let white frame your color!

When choosing your bold new color, don’t count on it looking like it does on the paint chip. It is important to get a test-can of paint to try on the walls inside the room you are painting. Natural light and artificial light can greatly change the look of the paint color.

Have fun refreshing your walls with the bold color of your choice!

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