Tips For Purchasing Outdoor Furniture

iStock_000004706715XSmallThe lovely spring weather has arrived in Richmond, but as you know that can change at a moments notice. So it’s a good idea to keep weather extremes in mind when searching for the perfect outdoor furniture. New home builders in Richmond, VA have built beautiful homes that offer large lots with wrap around porches and spacious decks like the ones in Aston. Offering you perfect places to enjoy the fresh air while entertaining or just relaxing.

Here are a few things to consider when searching for outdoor furniture:

Creating the Environment

Are you looking for furniture that would work well for entertaining, a place for solace relaxation or both? Asking your self these questions will help you determine if a traditional table, chair, and umbrella works or not. Some may opt for a more relaxed feel with pieces that are more like living room furniture. Offering a more conversational feel.

Material & Texture

There are many choices when it comes to outdoor furniture materials for your home in Aston. Plastic, wood, iron and even resin are just some of the more popular choices. Iron is very durable but can be very hot come July and August if it is place on a deck with not sun protection. Resin is a more cost effective plastic and is generally a popular choice. It can be molded to look like wood or even wicker. Wood is more environmentally friendly but it can look weathered quickly depending on the finish.

Style & Function

Once you have chosen your material it is now time to think of how to dress it up! Since many Richmond residents use outdoor living for both entertaining and relaxing you will want to consider your guests comfort. Choose seating that is a good height and weight with cushions that fit securely. Adding your own personal style will make your patio or deck look like an extension of your home. Choose cushions and accessories that are water or stain resistant or that can be treated. A patio, porch, or deck built by one of the New home builders in Richmond, VA that showcases your personal style and that is functional will be a well used space no matter what the occasion!

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