7 Ways To Enhance Your Entryway!

new home in midlothian vaHave you noticed that the new home in Midlothian VA have beautiful foyers? Are you looking for ways to make your vestibule vibrant? Here are some ways to make your foyer fantastic!

Bring the sunshine in by positioning a mirror to catch the light. For added brightness paint the mirror frame a crisp white or pastel. A mirror can also create the illusion of extra space.

Can’t find the right rug or runner to draw your guests in? Paint one on the floor instead! Bonus: It’s also a great way to cover the wear and tear.

Create an eye-catching accent wall by displaying a grouping of ornamental mirrors. Pair this with a dark wall and you will immediately engage your visitors.

Add a pop of color in your foyer by painting the stair risers a vibrant color. Using a dark tone with a glossy finish will also camouflage the scuffmarks.

Lining your staircase with family photos is a classic way to create a dynamic accent wall. Making a tight arrangement of frames in various sizes with the same style and color will give them impact.

Tame the mountain of belongings that seem to accumulate in a hallway with a variety of hooks, racks, and bins. Assign each family member a bin for miscellaneous items such as mail or school papers.

Create a cozy little nook in the foyer by adding a chair and a table. Give the chair a pop of color with a lively floral or geometric printed cushion.

Come check out the new home in Midlothian VA today!

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