5 Rules For Arranging Furniture In Your New Home!

05783F0F-197B-4FE1-B054Have you moved into one of the beautiful new homes for sale in New Kent, VA? Decorating a new home or knowing where to place your existing furniture can be a little overwhelming. So where do you start?

Here are 5 basic rules to help you arrange your furniture inside your new home like a pro.

Function How will the room be used and how many people will us it? Asking these questions will help you determine the type of furnishings, as well as how many seats you will need.

Focal point Determine the room’s focal point. Is it the fireplace, window/view, television, etc.? This will help you to position your furniture accordingly. If you plan to watch television in this room, the best distance from your set to your seating is three times the size of your screen. This is measured on the diagonal. In a dining room allow 48 inches between the edges of the table and the nearest wall or piece of furniture, if there is no traffic then 36 inches will do.

Traffic Consider the flow of the traffic in your room. Do not block paths with large furniture if you can avoid it. Allow a minimum of 24 inches of width for minor traffic areas and 30-48 inches of width for major traffic routes.

Plan Before you start moving the furniture, draw out your design on paper. Measure the room’s dimensions noting doors, windows, registers, and electrical outlets. This will allow you to get a visual of your furniture in the space without moving it. You can also use a free online room planner from Jordan’s Furniture to help you test various furniture placement options.

Priority Place your largest piece of furniture first (sofa, bed, etc.). These pieces generally face the room’s focal point. Keep in mind that chairs should not be more than 8 feet apart to help facilitate conversation. If you are able, try not to place the all of the furniture against the walls.

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