Fall Gardening Checklist for Chesterfield New Homes

Potting ShedThe cooler temperatures are here which means Fall has fallen. This is the time to freshen up your landscape. Here are a few ways to get ready for the colder temperatures and ensuring that the spring’s blooms will follow.

Bring in!

The new homes for sale in Chesterfield are bringing plants in containers indoors. Brining them inside will help save them through the winter. If plants require full sun be sure to place them near a south or east facing windows.

Weed it!

This is a great time to tidy up your beds by pulling weeds, removing spent foliage and fallen leaves. Gently loosen the soil around your plants and mix in organic matter or plant food to provide nutrients through the winter. Be sure you do not use time-released fertilizer because you do not want to promote “new” growth. You only want to make sure the plants have enough nutrients to continue healthy growth.

Deadhead it!

Deadhead perennials and annuals while they are still blooming to keep them looking beautiful. Remove brown and tattered leaves on plants and foliage. For more tips on how to prune visit southernlivingplants.com.

Plant it!

Now is the time to plant bulbs, shrubs and trees. Planting in the fall will bring beautiful blooms in the spring. Four weeks prior to the first frost is the best time to plant and spread mulch.

Come see The Highlands community and check out the new homes for sale in Chesterfield today!

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